21.06.2023 – 22.06.2023

Rail Live 2023, Warwickshire UK

Rail Live 2023, Warwickshire UK

With more than 200 exhibitors, Rail Live 2023 is set to showcase some of the best carbon-saving products and supply chain innovations.
The exhibition takes place in a real rail environment showcasing the latest in plant, machinery and the surrounding rail supply chain.

In rail technology, lubricants play an important role in the reliable operation of vehicles and infrastructure. Especially in the rail industry, small details can have a big impact.
Reducing costs and increasing reliability - a never-ending in rail technology and all other industries in this world.

All over the world, governments are promoting rail travel – an area in which electrification can reduce carbon emissions significantly. And to ensure its operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, it relies on biodegradable lubricants from the PANOLIN GREENMACHINE concept.

Visit us at Rail Live 2023 and learn more about PANOLINs high performance biodegradable lubricants in the rail industry.