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PANOLIN GreenMachine lubricants


PANOLIN GreenMachine lubricants help lower the Total Cost of Machine Ownership

The PANOLIN CO2ST reduction model, certified by the Carbon Trust can demonstrate potential savings in CO2 emissions and operational costs when utilising PANOLIN long … Learn more
PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W-30 engine oil


Scania LDF-4 to PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W-30

The widely applicable diesel engine oil PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W-30 is awarded a further approval. Learn more


Suter Industries and Arch Motorcycle Europe exclusively at PANOLIN

There will be a lot to see at the PANOLIN stand at the SWISS-MOTO exhibition to be held from 22-25 February 2018. Technology partner Suter Industries will launch a joint … Learn more
PANOLIN GREENMARINE Environmentally friendly lubricants


Environmentally friendly lubricants

Whatever you call them – bio oils or green lubricants, these environmentally ‘acceptable’ lubricants (EALs) are increasing significantly in their use, particularly … Learn more
PANOLIN GREENMARINE performance and protection


Panolin products offer performance and protection on polar routes

The very low temperatures experienced in the polar regions, the ‘enclosed’ non-wave pollutant dispersion characteristics of the polar seas, and ... Learn more
PANOLIN GREENMARINE How to select the best lubricant


How to select the best lubricant to your vessel

Selecting the best lubricants for a vessel is obviously important. If your selection of lubricants is completely based on lowest price, then you probably won’t need to … Learn more


EALs - "you get what you pay for"

Demand for environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs), approved to certain standards, has been growing steadily since they became compulsory in US waters from December … Learn more
PANOLIN GREENMARINE Lubricants for Vessels on Polar Voyages


The Choice of Lubricants for Vessels on Polar Voyages

In keeping with the spirit of the Polar Code, vessel owners should reconsider their use of the current, non-biodegradable, toxic, mineral-based lubricants that contain … Learn more
PANOLIN GREENMARINE Choosing the ideal lubricant


Choosing the ideal lubricant

Cruise and ferry lines should consider the performance and environmental qualities of oils, says Phil Cumberlidge, business development manager of GreenMarine at Panolin … Learn more


PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 32 obtains RDE 90235

PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 32 is the first and so far only eco-friendly hydraulic oil to feature in the Bosch Rexroth RDE 90245 Fluid Rating List. Learn more


Schweizer Schaffen − Miraculix in Madetswil

Erfahren Sie mehr über PANOLIN, dem Familienbetrieb aus Madetswil, in der Schweizer Illustrierten AUTO vom 5. Mai 2017. Learn more


PANOLIN zum Anfassen

Am diesjährigen Auto Salon in Genf konnte man PANOLIN hautnah spüren... Learn more