PANOLIN bans classic mineral oils

PANOLIN converts classic mineral oils to the Second Life Concept

Madetswil, 22.08.2019 - Classic mineral based oils have had their day at PANOLIN. As part of the recycling economy, PANOLIN will convert a large proportion of classic mineral oils to second-life base oils as of 1 September 2019. PANOLIN thus makes another valuable contribution to the conservation of resources.

The principle is simple. Classic mineral oils are largely present in the formulations of many engine oils as well as hydraulic and transmission oils. While these mineral oils are always produced anew from crude oil, Second Life base oils are recycled oils. These excellent, partly water-clear base oils are technically superior to conventional mineral oils. Base oil, once extracted from crude oil, is circulated again and again. This closes the resource cycle, and oil reserves are thus conserved.

"It's great that we can do this. Once again, it shows how serious we are about environmental protection", says Sarah Mohr-Lämmle, responsible person and CEO of PANOLIN Production AG.

Although Second Life base oils are being used more and more today, mostly in engine oils, it is not yet matter-of-course to actively convert the entire product range. To set a good example, PANOLIN has decided for a complete changeover.

"We will not only change over our engine oils, but all our lubricants. I am delighted to soon be able to supply our customers with Second Life products that are not only technically better, but also cost no more," explains Silvan Lämmle, CEO of PANOLIN AG.

"Thanks to purer molecule chains, Second Life lubricants leave fewer deposits, are more resistant to ageing, and conserve resources. We have been following this development for a long time, and now the time has come to take the big step", adds Hans-Peter Winkler, Head of Automotive Lubricants at PANOLIN Production AG.

Another advantage of the Second Life concept is that end product costs are no higher. This is attractive for businesses, users and machinery alike. With the Second Life concept, PANOLIN opens a new chapter in the recycling economy.