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The PANOLIN Group is an independent family owned company with headquarters and production facility in Switzerland. The company was established in 1949 by Bernhard Lämmle and is fully owned by the Lämmle family to this date.
PANOLIN is a full range lubricants supplier with its core competence in high performing environmentally considerate lubricants (ECLs) since 1983 – 35 years of experience.
In 2019 PANOLIN has exported the high performance ECLs to 56 countries.
In industries such as construction, marine, dredging, oil and gas exploration and others, PANOLIN is a statement for advanced technology, environmental responsibility and security – due to the 35 years of experience with environmentally considerate high performance lubricants and 70 years of success in the lubricants industry.

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Company Movie - PANOLIN Masterpieces in Oils

PANOLIN Masterpieces in oils

Our masterpieces!

Lubricants, biodegradable oils, environmentally considerate lubricants, hydraulic oils, engine oils, gear oils, lubricating greases – we can supply the right lubricating agent for virtually any application.


Passion for Transport - Fuel-saving Engine Oil

PANOLIN ECOMOT 5W-30 is a fuel-economy engine oil for the latest generation of Euro 6 emission level engines. Thanks to an ingenious formulation, this engine oil saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and cuts costs.

Custom lubricant concept

Identifying the right range of lubricants is a three-stage process. PANOLIN can assist you from start to finish and do the work for you.


1. Analysis

Analysis serves to document your current fleet of vehicles and machinery. This important step allows us to prepare a choice of suitable variants. Analysis is usually carried out locally by our sales representatives or customer support team.


2. Conception

Analysis is followed by the preparation of variants and options. Our goal is to achieve an optimum balance between "required lubricants" and "lubricants actually needed". We provide the customer with a basis for decision making.


3. Selection

It is now up to you to select one of the variants. We remain at your disposal with our expertise for advice and input.


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