Our masterpieces in oils

You won't find our masterpieces on show at the Louvre, or indeed in any museums or galleries, but PANOLIN lubricants work tirelessly in many world-famous sights.

London Eye filled with PANOLIN biodegradable hydraulic oil

London Eye

This 135 m high Ferris wheel, revolving since the turn of the millennium, provides grandiose views over London and the Thames.

Since it was built in 1999, the hydraulic systems of the London Eye have been filled with PANOLIN HLP SYNTH. The first oil change was not performed until well over 100,000 hours of operation.

Niagara Falls filled with PANOLIN high performance lubricants

Niagara Falls

On the USA/Canadian border, huge water masses thunder down 58 meters into the depths.

The Niagara Falls are circumnavigated through the Welland Canal. PANOLIN lubricants are used in the hydraulic systems of each of the eight 496-tonne lock gates.

Panama Canal filled with PANOLIN bio hydraulic oil

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic with the Pacific. It saves ships from having to navigate around Cape Horn at the southern tip of Chile and shortens the voyage from New York to San Francisco by about 15,000 kilometers.

170 units on the lock gates, each filled with PANOLIN, ensure that ships can sail through the Panama Canal in around 15 hours.

Mont Saint-Michel filled with PANOLIN EALs

Mont Saint-Michel

A UNESCO world heritage site, this French monastery island attracts three and a half million visitors every year.

A PANOLIN-filled hydraulic dam ensures that Mont Saint-Michel remains an island: the dam collects seawater at high tide and releases it under high pressure at low tide, washing away sand and silt.


The world's largest tidal power plant, is situated on the Yellow Sea in South Korea and generates 254 megawatts of electrical output with its ten bulb turbines. This amount of electricity equates to the needs of a city with half a million citizens.

The Bosch Rexroth hydraulic turbine regulation aggregates as well as the low-pressure turbines from Andritz Hydro are both filled with PANOLIN high performance bio-lubricants to keep things running smoothly.

Saemangeum filled with PANOLIN Environmentally Considerate Lubricants


This large-scale Korean project with its 33 km long seawall has been instrumental in reclaiming a large tract of land and in creating a huge freshwater reservoir.

The ten sluices on the Garyuk weir and eight on the Sinsi weir are operated twice daily by PANOLIN-filled hydraulic systems.

Pilatus lubricated with PANOLIN products


"2132 possibilities above sea level" – that's the current advertizing slogan of this tourist magnet just south of Lucerne. One of those possibilities is a spectacular ride from Alpnachstad to the summit aboard the cogwheel railway.

With a maximum gradient of 48°, the Pilatus cogwheel railway is the steepest in the world. The entire rack and pinion system, including gears, is lubricated with PANOLIN products.

We put a tremendous amount of effort into creating these high-performance products.

Our customers have no doubt that they are indeed:
"Masterpieces in oils!"