PANOLIN CO2 emissions calculator

CO2 reduction – an obligation for every company. For over 25 years, PANOLIN ECLs* have been helping to preserve the environment. And now PANOLIN can help you reduce your CO2 emissions. With PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46, you can easily and rapidly improve your CO2 balance, and with other lubricants from the GREENMACHINE concept you can achieve even higher CO2 savings. Check your CO2 savings potential with the PANOLIN CO2 emissions calculator (short version of the calculator; serves as an example). We will be pleased to assist with detailed calculations, analysis and documentation.

The future is greener with PANOLIN!

* PANOLIN ECL = Environmentally Considerate Lubricant


(e.g. CAT 325 D)

Comparison of PANOLIN HLP SYNTH 46 (compared to PANOLIN HLP/HVLP 46)

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