PANOLIN GreenMachine lubricants help lower the Total Cost of Machine Ownership

The PANOLIN CO2ST reduction model, certified by the Carbon Trust can demonstrate potential savings in CO2 emissions and operational costs when utilising PANOLIN long life biodegradable oils. The extra cost of lubricants is usually recovered within 12 months which makes them extremely cost effective.

The CO2ST calculator is a fast and simple means of identifying the potential for cost savings when using PANOLIN’s long life high performance oils, which can last up to 10 times the life of conventional mineral oils. There is a substantial reduction in waste disposal of used oil, empty containers and maintenance logistics costs.

«We view the sustainability aspect of our products as vitally important to our customers and to global energy reserves. Since 1985 we have had a continual development programme firstly, we had HLP SYNTH 46 hydraulic oil to which we have added Gear Oils, Transmission Fluids and Engine oils», said Mr Patrick Laemmle Chairman of PANOLIN International Inc.

PANOLIN oils are sold into the Water Level Management, Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable Power Generation, Rail Maintenance Industries. Most OEM’s approve the oils and a gro- wing number offer them as a factory fill option for customers who are actively promoting a Sustainable Policy.


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  • CERTIFIED MODEL* This model has been certified by the Carbon Trust to be compliant with ISO/TS 14067 (2013). Model outputs do not constitute a certified product footprint.
  • Link carbontrust.com