PANOLIN eCOOL HP for electric mobility

PANOLIN presents its first coolant for electric vehicles

Madetswil, 22.08.2019 - Electro mobility is turning the world of classic internal combustion engine oils upside down - a challenge seen by lubricant manufacturer PANOLIN a long time ago. Now this Swiss family business from the Zurich uplands already presents its first coolant fluid for electric vehicles.

How does PANOLIN deal with electric mobility as a lubricant specialist? This question has often been asked lately. The Swiss answer from Madetswil is PANOLIN eCOOL HP. As the name suggests, its main focus is on cooling.

"We have long known that electric mobility will turn the world of classic motor oils upside down because innovative coolants will be needed. With PANOLIN eCOOL HP we now have the answer for electric vehicles", explains Patrick Lämmle, Board Chairman PANOLIN International Inc.

Cooling is indispensable

This new fluid was specifically developed as an electrical drive train coolant for batteries, electric motors and cables. Optimal cooling of the electrical system improves battery performance and protects the components, which in turn has a positive effect on their service life. Cooling is indispensable. Electric vehicles are becoming more efficient. Batteries now achieve longer mileage, and charging stations ensure faster "refuelling". But higher output always results in more heat being generated. This is exactly where PANOLIN eCOOL HP plays a vital role: it cools all systems and components.

"PANOLIN eCOOL is a low-viscosity product. It has a low pour point and is environment friendly. It can be used both in warm and cold climates. Its low viscosity ensures perfect flow through the electrical components. Moreover, as pioneers of environment friendly lubricants, we realized straight away that PANOLIN eCOOL HP must be biodegradable and non-toxic", explains Patrick Lämmle.

The basic requirements for product development were formulated by the company Grivix GmbH, which conducts training courses on behalf of the CharIn Academy. CharIn develops standards and certifications for electric vehicles and charging stations. The institution was founded by German automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, etc. as well as suppliers and specialist agencies.

PANOLIN eCOOL HP is electrically inert, i.e. insulating and non-conductive. This improves safety, as no current can flow through the coolant in the event of a fault. In addition, its non-conductivity allows the direct cooling of electrical components.

PANOLIN celebrates its 70th anniversary with a product tailored to the changing future of electric mobility. Patrick Lämmle concluded his presentation with a smile: "After all, we want to celebrate more anniversaries".