Mixability of different hydraulic fluids

It is important to us not only to supply you with high quality products and services but also clarify an often misrepresented topic: the mixing of different bio hydraulic fluids.

The difference between mixability and compatibility may be obvious, but is often not correctly reflected.

• Miscibility is not the same as compatibility – only compatibility guarantees the flawless functionality of hydraulic systems without problems or failures.

• Not all esters are the same.

• HEES covers two different ester types: saturated and unsaturated, which are not the same.

• The additive systems must be compatible otherwise a negative impact on the equipment cannot be avoided.

Misleading information on the market and the resulting incorrect application of lubricants can lead to irreparable damage.

The picture is an example of what can happen if two incompatible bio hydraulic fluids are mixed due to false information by other lubricant manufacturers.