Our Exciting Experience at Rail Live

Our Exciting Experience at Rail Live

Rail Live, a prestigious event held at Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre and proudly hosted by Network Rail, offered an opportunity for attendees and a wide range of existing and prospecting sub-contractors to convene, showcase, and explore equipment and services in the rail industry.

The event proved to be an excellent chance to not only engage with a multitude of existing customers, but also get to know prospective ones. Several customers took the time to visit our stand and engage in enriching conversations about PANOLIN products, experience in rail construction and the benefits of biodegradable benefits.

One particularly memorable moment during the event was encountering a customer who had a Sennebogen on his stand - factory filled with PANOLIN. Seeing a direct example of our product in use at the event was truly gratifying.

The event allowed us to introduce some of our clients to our distributor, fostering stronger relationships between all parties involved and creating opportunities for future collaborations.

Rail Live offered an invaluable opportunity to engage with existing and potential customers, connect clients with our distributor, and witness firsthand the real-world impact of our products. The event allowed us to strengthen our presence in the rail industry and broaden our network, equipping us for even greater success in the future.